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“ Syrian Modern History “

Who we are:

In the past few years, Syria has witnessed the loss of a significant portion of its material and archival heritage due to the ongoing war in the country.

Based on the conviction that the preservation of Syria’s heritage – both tangible and intangible– gives hope for building the future, a team of Syrian researchers living in Europe launched in 2017 an individual initiative to create the “Syrian Modern History“ website, a non-profit digital archiving project based in Köln, Germany, aimed at documenting the history of Syria during the period from the late 19th through the end of the 20th centuries.

Website’s objectives:

– Archiving the modern history of Syria in various political, social, economic and urban aspects.

– Preserving the oral heritage and its codification as one of the sources of historical documentation that integrates with the textual history, which contributes to inciting Syrian memory.

– Seeking to obtain unpublished documents from world archives (Germany, Britain, France and Turkey), have them translated by specialists and make them digitally available for website’s visitors and researchers.

– Building an inclusive digital library dedicated to the modern history of Syria, including books, publications, periodicals, documents, coins, stamps, maps and charts.

Editorial board:

Suleiman Abdel Nabi | Founder and Editor-in-chief


E-Mail: syrianmhistory@gmail.com

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